Innovation Management

Organizations and businesses (even individuals) need to constantly re-invent themselves to stay ahead of the market. Existing products need upgrading based on customer feedback. New products need to be created to meet stated customer needs or substitute competition. Price competition renders several products unprofitable and there will be an urgent need to manage costs and restore operating margins.

Often, successes come from anticipating future customer requirements and inventing new products. Even create new needs! How is this to be done without affecting the routine of managing existing business? Ears must be close to the ground to anticipate customer needs and satisfy them before competition gets its act together.

This needs a special approach, working with groups of target/ potential/ future customers, imagining new developments, looking at the course of development of similar products in the home market or in more mature markets and devising a roadmap that will spur the organization to capture new ideas and create a pipeline of ideas/ products/ processes. The models must be tailor-made to the clients’ line of business. Often, disruptive ideas come from totally unrelated businesses.
The process is as relevant to commodity chemicals and Engineering consumables as it is to the apparel or FMCG sectors.

We call this Innovation Process Management. We are trained in the field and have the privilege of having driven them in the course of our earlier employment tenures. We believe that our work experience in product development across a wide industry spectrum allows us to bring valuable insights into the entire process of innovation and product development. You will realize immense benefits by adopting this process in your organization. New products are one of the outputs from Innovation Process Management, so too is cost reduction, quality improvement and market expansion. The process trains you to compare competing ideas, identify and halt unviable projects well in time (before significant amounts of resources get committed and moneys spent).

Innovation Process Management is for you if you aim to be a significant and long-term player in your industry segment. We offer you our expertise through the entire process and will work with you on live problems to make this a part of your organizational culture.