New product development

New product development benefits from the Innovation management process but is a distinct area of focus for us and our customers. The process starts, always, with identifying customer needs (both stated and unstated) and includes the PDCA (Plan – Do – Check – Act) approach. The development process goes through the following key steps:

  • Look at your business growth strategy (if strategy needs building, we can work with you to create a road map for business growth – we offer this as a component of Turnaround Consulting)
  • Select target markets/ applications
  • Identify customer needs, try to capture unstated needs
  • Identify delivery mechanisms and create a shortlist
  • If intellectual property (IP) is generated during the process, plan to maintain records for filing patents
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Work with product users to test prototypes
  • Scale-up and commercialization

New product development is an essential ingredient of sustained growth irrespective of your industry segment. Share our expertise to cut short your development process. Or outsource the entire process to us! We will start with your stated needs, deliver prototypes, test them with potential customers and work with you on commercialization.