Technology Consulting

Major components of Technology Consulting

  • Process, Plant and Equipment Design and Detailing
  • Process Scale-up from Basic/Laboratory/Pilot plant data
  • Data validation
  • Batch and Continuous Processes
  • Conversion of processes from Batch to continuous (and vice versa) for improved yield/capacity
  • Process Intensification/Simplification
  • Increasing plant productivity through process and equipment re-design

We are at ease with both existing and new processes. We are proud that our model of technology consulting is ‘Best in Class’, comprehensive and covers

  • Technical Audits – Problem Solving
  • identify constraints – process and utilities
  • provide solutions
  • Handhold till resolution

We are not auditors whose job is limited by scope to measuring to what extent specified systems are adhered to. Auditors identify gaps, we takeover from there. We quantify and provide solutions. We handhold you through implementation – our industry experience and technical training makes us eminently suited to look at problems from your point of view and offer realistic solutions that are commercially and technologically attractive and almost always ‘Best in Class’ and state of art. In several cases, we help clients design and implement systems for their businesses, prepare them for process, technical and statutory audits by identifying shortcomings and work with them to close these effectively.

Some typical examples of process improvements are provided under 'Case Studies'

Scale-up and Design

  • Say you have basic process data arising out of laboratory/R&D projects and want to commercialize the product. We will work with you to create basic and detailed process engineering packages for use for plant design and installation. Thereafter, you have the choice of proceeding to project engineering and management with an agency of your choice or retain us to handle these activities as well for you. All our designs are HAZOP, HACCP and EHS systems compliant.

Utilities and Facilities Upgradation

  • Best in Class and/or cGMP compliant facilities which are modular and expandable
  • Compliant with current requirements of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Management systems          

    Our Packaging Solutions are
        • For raw/ processed foods, bulk chemicals, formulations, engineering goods
        • Designed to deliver needed product shelf life/ protection
        • Flexible/ aseptic/ rigid
        • Complete solutions and include design, sourcing, supply and commissioning of equipment and consumables.

Design and Sourcing of compatible, contemporary packaging

      • Best in Class barrier properties
      • Design and deliver product artwork
      • Develop suitable vendors for the designed packaging
      • Source appropriate packaging consumables and equipment