Turnaround Consulting

We have provided direction and sustainable growth to organizations that were

  • sick (for a variety of reasons)
  • BIFR cases
  • Mature and stuck with steeply falling market share
  • One product companies unable to tackle intense price/ quality competition
  • Unable to perform due to a bloated workforce
  • Simply directionless following change of ownership

We are justifiably proud that today these organizations are, without exception, firmly back in their markets and growing profitably. As part of Turnaround consulting, we spend time with clients to

    • Understand key concerns and customer expectations
    • Analyze current business, markets and market dynamics
    • Identify key risks
    • Offer studied proposals for sustainable business growth
      • new products, new markets, new applications
    • Recommend plan for implementation
      • short,medium and long-term

We partner business during implementation with periodic reviews and course correction. We believe this working together and even handholding, where needed, are crucial to the success of our model of partnering businesses for their growth.

key components addressed during Turnaround Management

    • Working Capital and Supply Chain Management
    • Capacity rationalization
    • Make vs. buy decisions
    • Break-even analysis
    • Sourcing and purchase policies
    • Product mix rationalization
    • Market expansion – new applications, new markets, new products
    • Strategic plan and implementation - short, medium and long term
    • Pricing policies and cash management
    • Debtor management
    • New Process Product and IP Development